Euregion Desk

Given the increasing degree of internationalization, a growing number of disputes are taking on a transnational nature. Of course, this is particularly the case in our region, the 'Euregio Meuse-Rhine,' in which it is very easy to do business in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

German or Belgian entrepreneurs who do business, or wish to do business, according to Dutch law in the Netherlands can come to us for legal advice and/or litigation.

Cross-border workers can also benefit from our services, given that more and more employees who work in the Netherlands live in Belgium or Germany and that this cross-border dynamic regularly entails complications. To name just one example: in principal, a Dutch employer in the Netherlands may not start proceedings to terminate the employment contract if the employee whom they wish to dismiss lives abroad (e.g. in Germany or Belgium). This is because, in such cases, the Dutch subdistrict court lacks jurisdiction. In light of this, the Dutch employer will be obliged to initiate dismissal proceedings abroad. The foreign judge will then have to rule according to Dutch law as to whether the employee may be dismissed. In such a case, assistance from one of our lawyers who specializes in dismissal cases can prove very useful. One other example is that, in principle, a cross-border worker who is ill cannot be forced to attend an appointment with the company doctor in the Netherlands. Our employment lawyers are fully accustomed to and experienced in these sorts of cases, and would be more than happy to help you if you require advice. Our employment lawyer Manon Pieters also speaks fluent German and would be happy to speak to you.

Of course, we can also provide help in other areas. For example, if you have any questions about law of persons or family law, such as divorce, maintenance payments, etc., our divorce lawyer would be happy to provide assistance in these areas. If you have any questions about company law or business law, such as concluding a shareholders’ agreement, queries regarding the liability of directors or shareholders, or in the event of a conflict within a company, then our specialist business lawyer would be happy to help. We can also provide assistance in assessing and drawing up agreements as well as general and specific terms and conditions, or if you wish to collect money claims.

If Dutch law applies and litigations need to be made in Belgium or Germany, our great deal of experience in that area means that we are also able to deal with instances of this nature. In such cases, we may contact experts or lawyers in Belgium or Germany with whom we cooperate closely. This approach enables us to join forces so that we can represent your interests as effectively as possible.

SPEE advocaten & mediation is also affiliated with the Deutsch-Niederländische Handelskammer (​).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our lawyers. Our lawyers speak Dutch, German, and English.